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Reference Material

Most items are in PDF form. Things that I have scanned are often offered in two forms: a PDF, and a ZIP file containing the collateral files used to assemble the PDF. Some PDFs are scanned page images, possibly with OCRed text underneath the images. Other manuals were "born digital", and are native PDF. Some items are ASCII text. There may even be some IBM or DEC "book reader" manuals here.

Documentation by and about Digital Equipment Corporation products. Most of the items in this section are things I've scanned. Other repositories such as Bitsavers and ManX provide far more complete collections, though the manuals here may not be found there.
Documentation by ETHZurich.
Communications equipment documentation by Hayes Microcomputer Products.
Documentation by and about International Business Machines products. Most of the items in this section are things I've scanned. There are a few things here that came from e.g. the IBM Boulder documentation site, because they're easier for me to find this way. Additional IBM materials may be found at Bitsavers or ChiClassicComp.
Documentation by and about Michigan State University systems. All of the items in this section were scanned by me.
Documentation by the University of Michigan and others for the Michigan Terminal System. Some of these items were scanned by me, others were produced using the MTS documentation system by the group working to preserve MTS software. There is much more material at the Michigan Terminal System Archive.
Documentation by and about Prime Computer products. This material was scanned by several people, including Jim Wilcoxson, Jim Cosper, Al Kossow, myself, and others. This section includes all of the available Prime documentation of which I'm aware, including all of the material that is still to be found (differently arranged) at Bitsavers.
Documentation by and about Teletype Corporation products.
Vector Graphic
Documentation by and about Vector Graphic products.