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Prime Computer

Collected hereunder are publications related to Prime Computer. Some are items I have scanned. Others come from a variety of sources, including Bitsavers, 1000BiT, Jim Wilcoxson, James Cosper, Miguel Pebre Rodrigues, Peter Eriksson, William Maddox, Mark Brennan, and others.

Prime Publications

These items were published by Prime Computer, and relate to their 50 Series or EXL family computer systems. For more information on how Prime organized and labeled their publications, see Notes about Prime publications et seq on the Manual Numbers page.

Third Party Publications

These items were written by other organizations, but have some relationship to Prime's 50 Series as noted.

  • 1st Solutions (Prime VAR)
  • BORIS (Real estate software house, Prime reseller)
  • Computer History Museum (Documents the computer industry)
  • DRB (Worked with Prime systems at BORIS)
  • Georgia Tech (Ported the Software Tools Operating System to Prime)
  • Honeywell (Prime's first machines emulated the CCC/Honeywell Series 16 family)
  • Miscellaneous (No, I don't file everything under 'M')
  • Prime Computer FAQ from / info-prime (reformatted local copy)
  • PULSE (Prime User Library Service)
  • USPTO (Patents issued to Prime staff members)