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What's Here

This site is a place to organize and share various vintage computing resources I've assembled over a number of years. The navigation menu to the left leads to the top levels of a number of categories of material:

Reference Material
Documentation and collateral from various sources, including vendor manuals, as well as notes, diagrams and lists built by third parties.
Vendor and open source software, in various forms including tape images, tarballs or zip files, raw flux images of floppy disks, etc.
Images and videos of vintage hardware, software, ephemera, people and events.
Introductory guides, how-tos, system descriptions, war stories, opinion pieces, and personal notes.
Eventually, I hope to make all of the content here, including PDFs, searchable.

Collecting Interests

My vintage computer collecting interests are insupportably broad, but a partial list includes, in no particular order:

  • Documentation, collateral and ephemera for all of the below
  • Prime Computer Inc. 50-series hardware and software
  • IBM 370-family hardware and software, particularly VM/370 and its successors, and emulation of this family
  • CDC 60-bit systems software, especially Michigan State University's SCOPE/HUSTLER operating system, and emulation of this hardware using dtcyber
  • University of Michigan's (and collaborators) Michigan Terminal System OS, and emulation of its custom terminal and network hardware interfaces
  • Michigan's early-appearing (1969) educational network Merit, especially its PCP/SCP-based hardware and software, and emulation of same
  • CP/M hardware and software, especially Osborne and Vector Graphic MZ/System B machines
  • Commodore PET hardware and software
  • NeXT workstations
  • DEC VAX, PDP-11 (and Pro-350), and PDP-8 family hardware and software
  • Assembler language programming of all sorts of things
  • 1802, 6800/6809 and other microprocessor architectures
  • "Dumb" terminals, including ASCII serial as well as 3270 family
  • Vintage media, especially 9-track tape, punched cards and tape, etc
  • Michigan State University computing history, including MISTIC, the Merit network, newsletters, documentation, etc
  • Non-TCP/IP networking protocols, e.g. SNA, X.25 family, NJE/RJE, DECnet
  • Data General AOS(/VS), and earlier Eclipse hardware in emulation